The Political History of Japan between the two World Wars

Inspired by Graham Bell: “Never walk on the traveled path because it only leads where others have been”, I began my quest to promote Japanese studies in Lebanon and the Arab world. Japanology is an academic field which includes contemporary social sciences as well as classical humanistic fields, it is a well known science worldwide, unfortunately, it is uncharted knowledge in our region.

My book entitled:
The Political History of Japan between the two World Wars
تاريخ اليابان السياسي بين الحربين العالميتين
futatsu no tainsen kan noikeru Nippon seiji shi

in Arabic language. I cited in from 275 English books & 52 documents (out of 300) trying to reveal both Japanese & Western point of view on most of the political improvements, economical bombasts, sociological changes and military incidents during three historical eras of Japanese history including: Meiji period, Taisho period and the first phase of the Showa period.
The documents which I used had been sent to and approved by:
1- The United Nations treaty section.
2- Harry Truman Library in the U.S.A.
3- Avalon Project at Yale University.
4- Library of the Japanese Parliament.
5- Official Governmental Documentation Centers.
It is worth mentioning that after finishing the draft of my book, I emailed it to all living authors, whom I quoted from there published books and articles. My utmost purpose was getting feedback from them, benefitting from their experience, and seeking advice for my up-coming publishing and research. The result was that I got connected to elite experts in Japanese history and culture worldwide.
I will translate it to English and Japanese languages when I find the proper funding for my educational quest to build a cultural bridge starting from our Middle East, benefiting from the successful Far East, reaching the modernized West.

My book signing event at "The Arab Book Forum" was the harvest of five years of hard work. The result was a celebration of success, achievement and the peaceful Arab-Japanese friendly relations.
Now I'm preparing for my new book The Modern History of Japan日本:From the Repercussions of World War II till the Global Oil Crisis 1941-1973, this time I will write from the beginning two identical versions in Arabic & English languages. I'm doing my best to "find my spot under the sun" inspired by Thomas Edison who said: "have more respect for the fellow with a single idea who gets there than for the fellow with a thousand ideas who does nothing".
Habib ALBadawi
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