تحتوي هذه الصفحة على النصوص القانونية المتعلقة بتأسيس الجمعية وهي:
1-قرار إنشاء الجمعية
2- شهادة تسجيل الجمعية في السجل التعاوني
تأسست جمعية ليباجايكا بموجب القرار 8/ 2ت تاريخ 2/2/1998 الصادر عن المدير العام للتعاونيات، والمنشور في الصفحة 426 من العدد 8 تاريخ 12/2/1998 من الجريدة الرسمية، وسجلت في السجل التعاوني تحت الرقم 820/1
3- النظام الأساسي للجمعية
الذي أقرته الجمعية التأسيسية في جلستها المنعقدة بتاريخ 27/1/1998
الفصل الأول: التأسيس، الفصل الثاني: الأعضاء، الفصل الثالث: الشؤون المالية والسجلات في التعاونية، الفصل الرابع: الهيئات والسلطات في التعاونية، الفصل الخامس: الحل والتصفية، الفصل السادس: أحكام مختلفة

JICA Alumni Association in Iraq (JAII)
represented by the President of Alumni Ms. Faika Nasir Attoo First team

JICA Alumni Association in Lebanon (LEBA-JICA)
represented by the President of Alumni Mr. Ali Hassan Ghrayeb Second team

Within the framework of the joint cooperation between JICA Alumni Associations in both Iraq and Lebanon, and the desire of the two teams to exchange the expertise ,scientific and cultural skills at their availability , it was agreed on the following:

First Article: Definitions
Meaning of in bellow terminology as following titles:
JICA: Japan International Cooperation Agency
Alumni: JICA Alumni Association
JAAI: JICA Alumni Association in Iraq
LEBAJICA: Cultural Cooperative Association of JICA Alumni in Lebanon

Second Article:
Rotation to implementing of a joint annual activity between the two Alumni's in one of the two countries Iraq or Lebanon.

Third Article:
Will agreed the activities subject scientific or cultural according to the needs of the two teams.

Forth Article:
Hold a preparatory meeting in the host country, at the level of the president of each Alumni, to adopt the agenda and details of this activity.

Fifth Article:
The board members of each Alumni to select the professionals' participants whom will join the activity and whom related to the Alumni since one year or more

Sixth Article:
Sharing the expenses of each activity and a preparatory meeting between the two Alumni accordance to the rate of participation, these expenses to be include in the annual budget submitted to JICA Office.

Seventh Article:
Accept requests for participants from other associations, that to undertake all the expenses related on this participation

Eighth Article:
Remains the understanding open to other association's requirement, in condition of the approval of both parties (the two Alumni in Iraq and Lebanon)

Can LEBA-JICA Take the initiative to play a strategic role in the process of mutual humanitarian and civilization dialogue between Lebanon and japan?
Can LEBA-JICA meet the challenge to reform the alumni Association Activities from Classical Action Plan to active Policy that shares ideas with JICA about needs and priorities?
Certainly, this depends on the new vision that encourages members to continue full usage of knowledge and know-how acquired through the JICA training, and the Japanese Embassy support to LEBA-JICA through Wider margin in selecting more fields of training, that provide the necessary tools to strength their efforts to found a platform of cooperated communications based on new ideas and initiatives wherever appropriate, Where Japanese forgiveness power and hard work voluntary will integrate with Lebanese Needs for assistance to enhance knowledge.
We need to review what we have already accomplished and then decide what we need to do, certainly, some of the criticisms leveled at LEBA-JICA are justified, but they are useful to help us improve the quality of our own performance.
By “LEBA-JAP” Vision, which is “a step of transition”, We plan to have a major push starting in 2013, to solidify the progress already made and the future potential. LEBA-JICA is going to do a lot to take more positive measures in Lebanon. We are also planning to enhance the benefits from JICA leading situation in global developments by strengthening the Lebanese engagement with the Development Goals on Green Economy, poverty reduction, education, potential natural disasters, cooperation in the health sector and the vagaries of local labor markets to develop a sustainable food project, etc…
We probably need more research-based cooperation, more project evaluation and feasibility studies of preparatory work, by Result, we can ask JICA to provide the appropriate grant aid of such projects.
We now need to re-articulate and strengthen the concept of regional cooperation between LEBA-JICA and each of other Alumni Associations, to transform tacit knowledge and distinguished achievements into practical applications like the memorandum of understanding signed between LEBA-JICA and JICA alumni association in Iraq.
This strategy requires the cooperation of many partners, including Public Administrations, Municipalities, private sector, and universities.
By this strategy, we should be assured that JICA will take the right decision to Open a “JICA Lebanon Office” which will be useful to Lebanon as a progressive assistance tool for self-help efforts based on Japan’s development experience
There are many steps to complete and follow up such policy, which is very dynamic and complex Vision, There are many potential pitfalls, But we need to do our homework and we need to do things effectively.

Ali Ghrayeb

Since its establishment 1998, Leba-Jica realized the following objectives:

  • strengthening the relationship with the Japanese Embassy in Beirut through the participation in mutual activities both organized by the Embassy and the Association.
  • activating the cooporation with Jica Syria Office by implementing the action plans prepared by the Association and financed by Jica headquarter.
  • empowering the friendship and increasing the exchange of experience between the regional Jica alumni in the Arab countries through organizing regional workshops on common issues.

As for the future, Leba-Jica will try its best to develop the relation between Japan and Lebanon in one hand and between Japan and Jica alumni in the Arab countries on the other hand.