LEBAJICA Unveils Vibrant Cultural Connection: "Japan through Lebanese Eyes" Painting Competition Marks its 9th Edition – March 5, 2024

In a celebration of artistic diversity and cultural exchange, LEBAJICA recently organized its 9th edition of the captivating painting competition titled "Japan Through Lebanese Eyes." The event, held on March 5, 2024, took place at the public mixed middle school of Furn-el-Chebbak, creating a canvas of shared experiences and creativity.

Under the esteemed patronage and presence of His Excellency, the Japanese Ambassador in Lebanon, Mr. Magoshi Masayuki, the event blossomed into a vibrant display of artistic talent. The collaboration and support extended by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), represented by Mrs. Zeina Khalaf, added a significant touch to the event's success.

The festivities commenced with a warm welcome speech delivered by the school director, Mrs. Siham Hajjar, setting the tone for an enriching cultural event. The audience was then treated to insightful speeches by key figures, including the LEBAJICA President, Eng. Kamal Mokdad, The JICA Office Coordinator, Mrs. Zeina Khalaf, and The Ambassador of Japan in Lebanon, Mr. Magoshi Masayuki, who graced the occasion with his insights, underscoring the diplomatic significance of cultural initiatives.

Following the speeches, the students delighted the audience with a mesmerizing Japanese dance, showcasing their enthusiasm for cultural exchange. The performance added a lively touch to the event, creating a harmonious blend of Lebanese and Japanese traditions. The school's administration also played a pivotal role in facilitating the event, emphasizing the importance of cultural exchange in fostering lasting friendships.

The competition, with the overarching purpose of introducing Japanese arts into Lebanese schools, showcased the unique perspectives of Lebanese students as they captured the essence of Japan through their artistic interpretations. From cherry blossoms to traditional landscapes, the paintings reflected the strong bond between Lebanon and Japan.

The competition, structured into six categories for students aged 5 to 16, unfolded as a testament to the enduring friendship between Lebanon and Japan. The jury committee, composed of representatives from LEBAJICA, JICA, the Japanese Embassy, and the school, meticulously evaluated the entries, ensuring a fair and insightful selection process.

LEBAJICA ensured that the competition not only promoted artistic expression but also contributed to educational endeavors. The winners were honored with cultural and educational prizes, encouraging a deeper understanding of Japanese culture among the participants.

Additionally, all participants received Appreciation Certificates from LEBAJICA, acknowledging their dedication and participation in promoting cross-cultural understanding. The certificates serve as a testament to the commitment of both Lebanon and Japan in nurturing a strong foundation of friendship and cultural appreciation.

The "Japan through Lebanese Eyes" painting competition in its 9th iteration, held on March 5, 2024, stands as a testament to the power of art in fostering international connections. As the canvases were filled with vibrant strokes and imaginative interpretations, so too were the bonds between Lebanon and Japan strengthened, creating a cultural tapestry that will endure beyond the strokes of a paintbrush.