Annual General meeting and workshop

Activity: Yearly annual meeting and workshop.
Date of the activity: March 18, 2022
Place: The Four Points Hotel - Verdun

The annual general meeting is one of the major activities proposed in the action plan of LEBA-JICA for the year 2021-2022. It was implemented by the board of LEBA-JICA and included a general meeting, and a workshop on a Hydroponic/Aquaponics pilot project implemented by Mruna. The LEBA-JICA board did what was needed to implement it on the 18th of March at the Four Points Hotel Verdun, and took the maximum safety measures required by the general mobilization status imposed by the higher board of defense.

The main objectives of the meeting and workshop were to update the members of LEBA-JICA on the progress of the work during the last three years, and to get their feedback on future projects that could be implement. It also demonstrated to them the importance of this new pilot Hydroponic/Aquaponics project. Knowing that the execution of this agricultural pilot project is a new approach proposed by LEBA-JICA and approved by JICA.

Targeted Group:
The targeted groups were all members of LEBA-JICA

Description of the event:
The event started with a general meeting that took one hours during which the board explicated what has been achieved during the last three years, and discussed with the members the future plans. The meeting was followed by a presentation on the Vertical Hydroponic/Aquaponics’ Agriculture pilot project that has been implemented by Mruna and LARI in collaboration with LEBA-JICA and was funded by JICA and concluded with questions and answers. The workshop was attended by representatives from the Japanese embassy and JICA.

The members of LEBA-JICA were informed of the progress related to the activities of the 2021-2022 action plan, including the Hydroponic Aquaponics pilot project.